Quantum Sailing Feedback

Read about previous crew's experiences with Quantum Sailing below. Many of those providing feedback are happy to talk about their experiences directly with others. Please let us know if you would like to talk to one of them and we will put you in contact:

Experience day in the Solent

'I would highly recommend the Quantum Sailing Experience Day to anyone, and have done. Glenn was professional from start to finish, gave us confidence and instruction and made the whole experience brilliant. We will definitely be back for more' - CH

'I thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to the Channel Islands, my first with Quantum sailing; an excellent mix of sailing, learning, mileage building and fun in an informal atmosphere. When booking I was a little apprehensive about spending 5 days on a boat with a diverse group of unknown individuals, but I need not have worried. Glenn has a very personable nature that put everyone at ease right from the start, bringing everyone together with great skill and minimum effort. He was very attentive to the needs of his crew and always provided the right level of guidance when required.
The sailing was terrific. We experienced a wide range of weather conditions from strong wind to fog as well as sailing in these conditions at night. Glenn has an understated style of leadership that provided just the right environment to enable the crew to operate the boat safely whilst still maintaining control. As a result, I was able to learn and build from my day skipper far more than I had expected in such a relatively short period. The catering was surprisingly good, with a never ending supply of food and hot drinks. A very enjoyable all-round experience and great value too. I’m already looking forward to my next trip.' - GE

Solent spinnaker up

'I would without doubt recommend Quantum Sailing, as you provided an excellent personal service making the weekend thoroughly enjoyable and interesting. The boat was extremely clean and in very good order and you were very to happy to do what just suited us best rather than go through any ‘rigid’ training program. Thanks again for making it such a useful experience – our sailing trip in Turkey is going to go a lot smoother now.' - SD

'Having never sailed before, I joined a trip with Glenn five years ago which I enjoyed immensely. Since then I have sailed over 2000 miles with Glenn as captain with crews made up of friends and family. Glenn is a thorough teacher of the art of sailing and a great skipper and I have no hesitation in recommending Quantum Sailing to you. I am sure you will enjoy the experience no matter what your age or past experience of sailing.' - RD

CM on experience day

'I joined Glenn for one of his experience days in the summer and really enjoyed it. His friendly, professional manner, combined with instruction as required to suit all levels and with plenty of sailing for the more experienced, was excellent. Subsequently I arranged a skippered charter with instruction to suit, for a day with friends, cruising to Chichester Harbour and anchoring off the Witterings for lunch. We all had a great day, with talk at the end of doing a cross channel trip next !' - CM

John 'Having effectively given up on sailing for over 30 years, I was a little apprehensive but my fears were ill-founded because Glenn is a very good and, thankfully, patient teacher.
  • Quantum Leap is very well-equipped and comfortable.
  • The onboard catering is superb.
  • A challenging, thrilling yet relaxing experience.
  • Smug gloaters should be forced to walk the plank!

I had a really great time and look forward to doing it again.' - JE

Note - the 'Smug gloaters' refers to a competition amongst the crew to achieve the fastest speed whilst on the helm - JE unfortunately didn't win :-(

'I really enjoyed sailing with such a confident and knowledgeable skipper – especially one who always knew when his crew needed hot tea and biscuits! Quantum Leap is really well kept and accommodated 7 of us very comfortably. At 6'6" I wasn't expecting to find either a berth or wet weather gear that fitted me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for a brilliant time.' - JH

Sailing offshore

'Thanks for a great time on Quantum Leap, she is a fantastic boat and I will definitely be back next season. Cruising was a bit of a change from the Round the Island Race, but I really enjoyed having a chance to learn about sailing in a less frantic environment. I really appreciated Glenn's patience and ability to explain things to all five of us, in spite of our different abilities, and his efforts to ensure that we all had an opportunity to try our hand at everything.' - SM

'We had a fantastic time and all our thanks for making it such a memorable weekend. Your quiet confidence and attention to safety was reassuring and we appreciated your patience as you taught us some of the fundamentals of sailing. The Quantum Leap is a beautiful boat and I certainly hadn’t expected such a good fried breakfast on Sunday morning! A brilliant weekend. Thank you again'. - DG


'That sail through the Needles and beating into the wind to Lymington will stay with me for a while. I learnt a great deal thanks to your constant and patient coaching and the evening exercises you set. The provisioning was to a very high standard and I really enjoyed all the meals - especially those cooked breakfasts. The whole trip significantly exceeded my expectations and I would gladly book with Quantum Sailing again.' - HF

Happy sailors

'I've been lucky enough to join Glenn on a few trips aboard Quantum Leap now, and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Glenn is a very experienced and confident sailor, and is always conscious of making sure that his crew are comfortable and involved. The Solent and surrounding coastline is an area of incredible natural beauty, and also provides a wide variety of sailing conditions which makes every trip a new adventure.' - HW

'Having had no experience of sailing before, other than the cross channel ferries, I had wondered what I'd let myself in for when we cast off from the jetty early one morning. The skipper explained the weekend's itinerary and ran through safety aspects. As a true landlubber, a real eye opener for me was the wealth of knowledge and skills that are required in understanding all aspects of sailing from how the yacht is handling; which way the tides are running; the setting of the sails for the wind conditions; the "nautical highway code"; all of which was patiently explained to a guy who was trying to understand his port from his starboard and getting to grips with tying a reef knot. The experience of actually manning the helm and steering a course to a distant marker buoy, whilst the wind and waves have other ideas was very entertaining! The weather conditions we experienced were perfect, giving a mostly relaxing trip broken up by frenetic activity of slackening off ropes whilst operating the winches to pull in others and raising sails etc. The night time run up the Needles channel was an incredible experience with the nautical chart being studied intently for the turn points, all of us watching out for the sequence of flashing lights on the channel marker buoys; taking compass readings off of the same; looking out for other boats lights whilst not getting fooled by traffic lights on the mainland! The yacht itself was very comfortable and spacious given that we were five large sailors. Tea and coffee was quite often brewed whilst under sail, but we dropped anchor for leisurely lunches in quiet coves and stopped in marinas overnight for an on board cooked meal and to avail ourselves of the excellent marina facilites. All in all, a very entertaining and eye opening weekend which I could whole heartedly recommend to anyone who has either never sailed before or wishes to increase their skills and knowledge. ' - GW

Adventure Cruise report

After a winter ashore studying theory, Paul and his classroom partner Dave booked on a Quantum Sailing Mileage Builder trip to France and the Channel Islands. Read Paul's feedback in the Quantum Network quarterly newsletter. His full account can also be downloaded here.

'Just an outstanding 3 days. Really informative / educational but above all a really great sailing experience.' - RP

'Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for sharing your extensive knowledge in such a patient manner.' - LO

'A great week. Good skipper, good food, good company. Excellent' - AW

'Love to come again. What I really loved was that a complete beginner was allowed onboard and Glenn was so Patient.' - YC

'Excellent week. Made best of the conditions. Will certainly book again and recommend to others.' - PT

'Brilliant day out, many thanks. Highly recommended.' - CH

Spinnaker up and cruising

We were clearly really happy with our cruise last August, around the French coast and Channel Islands, as we did again in October. We asked for long sailing days to build our experiences and qualifying miles as well as interesting harbours. Those things we were given of course, but we got a great deal more, not least in terms of knowledgeable teaching, great companionship and really good fun! I thoroughly recommend Glenn and the Quantum Experience and am happy to be contacted to talk some more about how much we appreciated our time with them.' - PM Contact details available. Read more about their time onboard with us here.

Yacht Delivery & Own Boat Tuition

'We would highly recommend Quantum Sailing for those looking for own boat tuition. As a husband and wife team, our experience and needs were quite different but Glenn's calm and thorough approach gave us confidence right from the start. The instruction was continuously reinforced in a very informative way over 5 days and our confidence has grown enormously making us much better sailors. Glenn was professional from start to finish (and makes perfect bacon rolls), there is no doubt that we will definitely be back for more.' - J&DB

'I cannot recommend Glenn highly enough and would happily sail with him again. Having him there for the trip allowed me to experience a different form of sailing and live to sail another day. Hopefully he had a good experience despite the cold and lack of sleep. I will be putting the experience to good use over the summer. Thanks again for arranging it and pass on my best to Glenn who was fantastic.' - SW

'The delivery skipper was not only professional and gave me a lot of tuition through out the trip but also went over the back in the middle of Biscay when the prop fouled which is above and beyond normal service! I would recomend Yachtmovers as the service they provide is first class and reasonably priced.' - NR

Arrival at Bembridge

'I am extremely happy with the service Glenn and his team have provided in bringing my yacht back to the UK from Greece. I found Glenn extremely easy to work with, he took the greatest care of my yacht and found practical and inexpensive solutions to the technical issues that inevitably come up on such a long trip, and he delivered my yacht undamaged and completely clean. I thoroughly recommend him to any owner who needs a delivery service."' - KD

'Richard and Glenn brought my 30 year old Island Trader 40 home to London from Greece despite an engine fire and problems with the sails. They managed to fix my boat, sort out the paperwork and get her safely back to England before winter set in, without breaking the bank.' - NB

Offshore Racing

'Thanks for a great - Round the Island race, something that I would definitely recommend. Great weekend, very friendly and the chance to be fully involved.' - IS

'The whole experience from practice days to the final race was fantastic, a superb life experience and one made all the better through doing it with a friendly crew who got on with each other very well. Everyday is a school day when on-board with Glenn. He always takes the time to explain how and why things should be done in a certain way, so throughout the campaign I really improved my sailing skills. ' - AB - Fastnet 2013

Offshore race crew

' Never having sailed at sea until after signing up for the Fastnet, this last 18 months has been a learning experience like no other. Inevitably, in a race such as this, events become blurred – partly because some passages are similar for a few hours on end, partly because bits are missing while you are off watch and sleeping. But there are elements, sometimes very ordinary ones for those of us who are novices, that stand out and are etched on your memory: the buzz and proximity of the much larger boats at Hurst point; careering along into a pitch black night assuming (hoping) you were not going to drop off the end of the world; cooking at a 45° angle; and the sense of achievement under the shore lights of Plymouth. And now the Fastnet is over, it all feels a bit flat. ' - SB - Fastnet 2013

'Doing the Fastnet was a truly memorable experience - not just the race itself but the journey to get to the start line. The training and preparatory races presented significant challenges and opportunities for personal growth, but above all, helped shape us into a cohesive team built on trust. All this underpinned by Glenn's unfailing attention to detail and drive to ensure that everyone got the most out of the experience, while having a great time doing it. ' -HF - Fastnet 2013

Team Building

'I thoroughly enjoyed the day's sailing. It really helped me to understand my new colleagues in a situation where we had to trust each other and appreciate each other's strengths. Quantum Leap proved to be the perfect size of vessel for a team of four and your hospitality, planning and training gave us the opportunity to focus on the task at hand, and the way we interact. I would recommend it to any small team as a way to recognise and understand the talents of each member in ways which perhaps cannot be seen in the normal working environment. ' - MT

Team Sailing

'Thanks for the great sailing weekend onboard Quantum Leap for my team and me. There has been much buzz and discussion around the office regarding everyone's experiences and it certainly has built better working relationships. As well as getting people working together as a team, I think you have inspired a few budding sailors. Even I found myself practicing a couple of knots the other night. Many thanks, a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience. ' - MB

'What a great day out. My team size had doubled in the last year and we needed an activity for some team bonding and fun. Sailing offered us a unique experience well away from our office to interact and enjoy an experience that we, as a team, could relate to well after the event. Glenn and Quantum Leap did not disappoint. Glenn provided information and clear instructions from the pre-sailing meeting, to the welcome aboard, safety check and all aspects of the day's sailing. Quantum Leap was a lovely yacht, well setup and very comfortable. Glenn's friendly approach and patience with people at all levels made this a great experience for all individuals as well as the team as a whole. Many thanks Glenn.' - SW

If you would like to add a testimonial, please email us at - feedback@quantumsailing.co.uk